Whisper Quiet

CardioMed Treadmills are designed and engineered to be exceptionally quiet making them ideal for any environment whether it is an Olympic Training Center or office setting.

CardioMed Treadmills Communication Port


CardioMed Treadmills interface with the majority of Cardiac and Pulmonary Stress Testing Systems. In addition CardioMed treadmills can be controlled by an optional 15" touch screen display panel.

Accurate Speed

High torque is essential for accurate speed and testing. CardioMed Treadmills provide uniform digitally controlled high torque entirely over the treadmill's speed range and the patient's weight range, up to a maximum user weight of 500 lbs/228 kgs.


CardioMed Treadmills are supported by a worldwide service organization, including parts and technical engineers to provide quick and satisfactory response times.

Service Portal

Zero Start

CardioMed treadmills have a true zero start and then gently increases the speed in manageable 0.1 mph / .16 km/h increments for patient comfort, safety and confidence.


Compared to traditional treadmill designs, our AC digitally-controlled drive system eliminates many of the parts that generally wear out in a treadmill. We use only the highest grade commercial components and pride ourselves in our treadmill's dependability and reliability.

Safety Assurance

CardioMed understands that your patient's safety and well-being is a major concern. CardioMed treadmills meet or exceed all major safety and regulatory requirements worldwide.

25% Elevation

CardioMed Treadmills are capable of reaching up to 25% elevation, to meet the needs of ECG testing and the highest level of athletes. The solid steel frame and hydraulic actuator provide stability even at the maximum operating output level.